The Focus Education Team

Our Team

José Paiva

With experience in Technical Education and Professional Training – and specialized expertise in electronic and educational technologies – José brings innovative insights to Focus Education’s operations. His background in both corporate and governmental senior management positions makes him uniquely qualified to supervise relations between Focus Education and the official bodies charged with the initiation of educational and training initiatives.

Varda Berenstein

  Senior Advisor; BSc., MBA
“The aim of education must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who see in the service to the community  their highest mission.” These words of Albert Einstein inspired Varda to make a major career shift and take on the challenge of Focus Education. In overseeing its operations and its large, growing staff, she leverages years of experience in managing huge multinational corporations, concentrating her efforts on the development of projects for the advancement, training and education of young people, students and high education, entrepreneurs, government officials and professionals at key positions – all these with the objective of strengthening communities and nations.

Dr. Miriam Aço

  Director of Education
Miriam has experience as a director, manager, supervisor, consultant, teacher, trainer and researcher, with a PHD in Educational Science, specializing in Multicultural Pedagogy. She brings Focus Education her broad expertise, ranging from initial context analysis to the implementation of comprehensive nationwide turnkey projects. She has overseen the design, development and administration of successful education and training projects in Africa, Asia and Europe. With her deep knowledge of training methodologies, she knows how to turn theoretical ideas into viable projects that meet real-world needs.

Dr. Gadi Lipiner

As a corporate executive, scientific researcher, university lecturer and international consultant , Gadi brings an unusual combination of academic and corporate experience to his work with Focus Education. He has established and managed companies in various places around the world and is uniquely qualified to take on the challenges of CLESE, passing on his knowledge to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Nuno Paiva

  Senior Manager
With advanced expertise in computer engineering and information technology and extensive experience in the worlds of finance and corporate administration, Nuno decided to turn his talents to project management for educational and training projects. Since joining Focus Education, he has been extensively involved in Angola’s RETEP vocational education reform project, the Youth Success Cities and the Military Superior Technical Institute, helping to assure the success of these initiatives by identifying optimal working methodologies, optimizing available resources and emphasizing professional staff development.