Oportunidades de formação e emprego para jovens em situação de risco


Training and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people

Edivaldo Cristóvão

December 3, 2018


The focus on vocational training and job promotion is the Executive’s priority, which aims to create 500,000 jobs by 2022.

The Ministry of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security has a responsibility to materialize a substantial part of this State commitment through 143 centers, with 237 direct and indirect services, which have helped to take many young people out of unemployment and delinquency.


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ENTREVISTA: Queremos melhorar os laboratórios de formação técnico-profissional”


“We would like to improve the technical-professional training labs”

A native of Coimbra, Portugal, Susana Morais studied and specialized in accounting and auditing at the Institute of Accounting and Auditing of Coimbra and has been working for Focus Education for five years, directing in Angola this international company, subsidiary of Mitrelli Group for area of education and vocational training.

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Cabinda Youth Village Inauguration



Dinge wins School “Cabinda Youth Village” –

at the commune of the Dinge in the municipality of Cacongo, about 80 kilometers north of Cabinda, today, Friday, won a rural school of training and crafts “Cidadela Jovens de Sucesso”, inaugurated by the Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Jesus Maiato.

The facility has the capacity to accommodate 200 young people, in the professional courses of carpentry, agriculture, locksmithery and electricity, and already has 120 young people enrolled.

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Visita Ministro Agricultura


Fecho da formação dada pela Focus Education na Cidadela de Jovens de Sucesso em Cabinda, Angola.






During the 27-30 of Aug 2018, we have successfully accomplished training sessions in three topics:

  1. Administrative and finance management .
  2. Pedagogical and educational management.
    In the first two training sessions participants form the educational community were invites, and a total of 33 people participated.
  3. First Aid and basic health education.
    In the last training session all of the village team participated a total of 37 people.The training were a great success and provided tools for all the staff.

Malange Youth Village


Aug 2018

The construction of Malange Youth Village was completed this Aug 2018, exactly one year after the project has began.

The occupancy will start soon and the Village will be in fool vigour.


Cabinda Youth Village


Aug 2018

On Aug 6th, the new year of school has began with 60 new students.

We are starting to see new agricultural produce that will be sold in the markets…

Sociedade – Escola Rural de Cabiri é bálsamo para as crianças desfavorecidas


Julho de 2018

Nos últimos oito anos, cerca de quatro mil adolescentes em estado de vulnerabilidade social foram recuperados, formados e reintegrados na sociedade no âmbito da assistencial social que a Escola Rural de Cabíri, de iniciativa pública, vem desenvolvendo com vista a acudir de órfãs, toxicodependentes e abandonados.

Formação na Centralidade do Kuito formação em Informática, Gestão Administrativa e Financeira, Gestão Pedagógica, Socorrismo e Cuidados Básicos de Saúde


May 2018

During May 2018 – Focus Education completed training sessions in Kuito,Bie, training over 150 teachers, management and staff.

The first training session covered chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Skills, while the second session covered Administrative and Finance Management, Pedagogical Management, First Aid, Health and Informatica.



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