Jornal de Angola of 17/08, selected articles



Evolution of the National Vocational Training System/ – Evolução do Sistema Nacional de Formação Profissional

– Successeful Youth Villages helps the most vulnerable/ – Cidadela Jovens de Sucesso ajuda os mais vulneráveis Programs give results / – Programas dão resultados

– CLESE is a successful bridge for business/ – CLESE é uma ponte acertada para o negócio

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Malange Youth Village – Caculama: 1st Stone ceremony


The construction of Malange Youth Village (Cidadela) started officially on August 3rd 2017 and should be concluded within 8 months at the beginning of April 2018. First stone ceremony took place yesterday, August 15th.

Feople present at the ceremony:

From Focus Education:
Michal Mihalter
Susana Morais
Frederico Mendonça

From Mitrelli:
Fernando Ferreira (Mitrelli Public Relations Department)

From Malange Govnerment:
Malange Governador, Vice-Governador and their staff.

From the Local Administration:
Administrador Municipal de Caculama, Administrador adjunto and all their staff

From MAPTESS: Dr. Leonel and Mr. André.

Also all Sobas from the nearby municipality, Newspaper and radio press, TPA, local population and others.

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Laboratory training in Lossambo secondary school


Training sessions dates: 3/7 – 7/7, 2017.

Laboratories professions: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, IT.

Focus Education has successfully kicked-off laboratories training sessions in Lossambo secondary school. The provided training are for more than 70 teachers and directors in the selected 4 professions.

In this project, Focus Education has cooperated with a local team of trainers via MED, the local government of Huambo and the education provincial director. All were present and extremely happy to participate.

Articles following the lecture “management in a time of crisis”


Entrepreneurial women learn about management in times of crisis

Over 120 women entrepreneurs from state and political institutions learned about management and strategic management in times of crisis based on Israel’s experience.

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Deputies received training in management in times of crisis

More than 100 cadres from the National Assembly, MPs, directors and senior technicians, received a lecture about strategic management and administration in times of crisis in the light of Israel’s experience. The initiative was of the Association of Managers and Administrators of Angola, AGAA, supported by the company Focus Education, a subsidiary of the Mitrelli Group.

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AGAA is holding a public presentation ceremony, Friday, 24/03 Luanda.


The Association of Managers and Administrators of Angola is holding a public presentation ceremony on Friday in Luanda.

A communication, sent to the Jornal de Angola yesterday, informs that the ceremony will be marked by a symposium, during which the topics “Management and administration as professions”, “The national and international economy in the current context ” and “The contribution of professional management / administration in the development of public and private institutions”.

Date: 24/03, 15:00

Location:  Centro De Conferencia Do Belas


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The experience of Israel can be a solution for the economy of Angola


Economic advisor and university professor, Gadi Lipiner, said that Angola is moving at a good pace to diversify its economy. He stresses that the process should be based on the promotion of micro and small enterprises. For him, the experience of Israel, which has experienced several moments of crisis, may work in Angola.

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The Seminar at Hotel Trópico


Today, Feb. 8th, Focus Education promotes discussion between responsive institutions, experts and directors of Technical-Professional Institutes, from 09AM to 5PM, at Hotel Trópico.

Theme: The Challenges of the Sector of Education-Training:

National qualifications system and educational pathways – training for a successful employment.

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Seminar, Feb. 8th: The Challenges of the Sector of Education-Training


Nota de Impresa


Seminar, 8th of February

Theme: The Challenges of the Sector of Education-Training:

National qualifications system and educational pathways – training for a successful employment.


The Seminar promotes critical debate between sponsoring institutions, specialists and directors of technical-professional teaching institutes.


Programa Compacto v2



schools Inaguration in Lossambo’s centrality



Three schools were inaugurated Tuesday, in the Centrality of Lossambo, eight kilometers from the city of Huambo, during the opening ceremony of the 2017 academic year.

Inaugurated by the governor of the province of Huambo, João Baptista Kussumua, schools have the best conditions for the development of the teaching-learning process, including advanced labs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computing, technical drawing rooms, library and leisure areas.

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Focus Education Supports Technical and Vocational Training in Angola


The directors and teachers of vocational schools in the country have benefited from training measures in the framework of the “Educational Project of the school as an instrument of strategic management” planned and executed by Focus Education.


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