Youth Villages

Vocational Training
16 - 20
80 - 120 Each Village
3 Years

Youth Villages for Education and Vocational Training – Strengthening and empowering its weaker elements of society is crucial for the development of a strong, healthy nation. Based on its international experience and expertise, Focus Education’s Youth Villages provides an integrated 3 year multi-disciplinary education for youth at risk , including specialized vocational studies in agriculture, hotel management and other professional areas, and future courses planned in tourism operation. All these help guide young people toward productive lives. The Villages offer full boarding-school conditions and a warm home environment that nurtures vital social skills. Youth Village graduates go on to paid employment, able to provide for themselves and their families – while contributing to their communities.

Currently, there are three Youth Villages already fully operating- Cabiri established in 2010 , Moxico established in 2014 and Cabinda that was established this Aug 2018. Malanje will start to operate this October.Another two are under construction- Matala and Cangola - are expected to be completed during 2019.


Twelve additional Youth Villages are currently in planning.

Link to Short Movie in English: FOCUS Education - Youth Village - CIDADELA CABIRI

Link to Short Movie in Portuguese: FOCUS Education - Youth Village - CIDADELA MOXICO


Youth Villages Project Impact

3 youth villages independently operated by local staff after 18 months

1 will be opened in October

2 are currently under construction, to be opened during 2019

2 more underway.

2018 students enrolled since 2010 - 95% graduated.

110 intern students enrolled in 2017, among 437 regular school students, 248 of which also attended professional training.

Location of Project

From Vision to Reality

Youths at lunchtime in the communal dining room Cabinda Youth Village Cabinda Youth Village Cabinda Youth Village