With a Focus on Education – An Interview with Dr. Miriam Aco

The collaboration between the Ministry of Education in Angola and Focus Education created a project that provides training to teachers and managers of technical education and training. An interview with Dr. Miriam Aco who is managing a two week training session that involves around one hundred schools.

The Ministry of Education and Focus Education began on Monday, the training program for teachers and managers for 2016. The training addressed to whom ‘works’ in education, involves 92 schools and 220 trainees, divided into 12 groups, with 10 in Luanda and two in agrarian institutions outside the capital.

The training sessions cover polytechnic schools, administration and management, as well as health studies. The training program will run until December 2016, being divided into three sessions: July, August and November. All with a duration of 15 days. In all, there will be 72 teams, involving approximately 1,400 teachers and school managers of secondary school technical and vocational education. In the last session, held in 2013, 54 schools attended in this subsystem of teaching.


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