From vulnerable kids in Luanda to trainers at Cidadela Jovens de Sucesso Cabiri

The life course of a group of young people who once had a difficult life in Luanda, but today, because of the professional training, help in the integral formation of other adolescents and young people in situation of social vulnerability in the Rural School of Sacassange , in Luena, province of Moxico.

Rafael Mateus, Henrique Constantino, Pedro Dumbo and Zeferino Chilema have different ages, but share the same course of life: formerly suffered and today an example. Without shame, they take their past, boast the benefits of change, and struggle every day to remain better people.

Currently, the four young people, whose ages range from 18 to 23, are part of the list of trainers of the Rural School youth citadel of Cabiri / Sacassange, city of Luena, a public institution aimed at the integral formation of young people and adolescents in a state of social vulnerability.

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