Malange Youth Village – Caculama: 1st Stone ceremony

The construction of Malange Youth Village (Cidadela) started officially on August 3rd 2017 and should be concluded within 8 months at the beginning of April 2018. First stone ceremony took place yesterday, August 15th.

Feople present at the ceremony:

From Focus Education:
Michal Mihalter
Susana Morais
Frederico Mendonça

From Mitrelli:
Fernando Ferreira (Mitrelli Public Relations Department)

From Malange Govnerment:
Malange Governador, Vice-Governador and their staff.

From the Local Administration:
Administrador Municipal de Caculama, Administrador adjunto and all their staff

From MAPTESS: Dr. Leonel and Mr. André.

Also all Sobas from the nearby municipality, Newspaper and radio press, TPA, local population and others.

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