More Than 200 Young People Trained at Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services (CLESE) Employed

Two hundred and fifteen young people trained at the Local Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services (CLESE), in Lunda Norte, have been employed in the last three years, in the fields of IT, human resources management and more.

Over 400 young people are currently being trained in the specialties of Informatics, human resources management, secretariat, entrepreneurship and English.

Those enrolled are not only young people trained by CLESE, but also citizens with some professional training who seek the institution for their inclusion in the labor market.

For this year, the institution plans to open a computerized accounting course to train young people with entrepreneurial initiatives.

The minister of Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Teresa Rodrigues Dias, visited the National Social Security Institute, the premises of the General Labor Inspectorate and INEFOP’s mobile professional training units.