New Football Team Established in Matala Youth Village – Supported by Focus Education


The promotion of sport and physical activity is one of the aspects for which the Youth Villages promote and encourage their students. With a new football field equipped and marked, Matala Youth Village created its team.

Companionship and team spirit strengthen these young sportsmen who develop human characteristics so necessary for their growth. Self-help, encouragement to overcome obstacles, organization, planning, leadership, order and respect are undoubtedly attributes that are promoted through sports, helping in the transition to adulthood.

Focus, aware of this, and wanting to support sports for the young students of Matala Youth Village, provided beautiful soccer equipment, soccer balls and cleats so that the young students have pride and confidence to overcome sporting challenges.

Come on guys!

“Cidadela Jovens de Sucesso” under construction in Uíge


Uíge – A regional school for rural training and crafts, called “Youth Village for Success”, started to be built this Thursday, in the municipality of Cangola, in Uíge, within the scope of the Employability Promotion Action Plan (PAPE ).

The infrastructure, which was launched by the Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Teresa Dias, will leverage self-employment in the country.

The school will have, among other compartments, an administrative area, boarding school, workshops, workers’ residence, sports and leisure complexes.

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More Than 200 Young People Trained at Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services (CLESE) Employed


Two hundred and fifteen young people trained at the Local Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services (CLESE), in Lunda Norte, have been employed in the last three years, in the fields of IT, human resources management and more.

Over 400 young people are currently being trained in the specialties of Informatics, human resources management, secretariat, entrepreneurship and English.

Those enrolled are not only young people trained by CLESE, but also citizens with some professional training who seek the institution for their inclusion in the labor market.

For this year, the institution plans to open a computerized accounting course to train young people with entrepreneurial initiatives.

The minister of Minister of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, Teresa Rodrigues Dias, visited the National Social Security Institute, the premises of the General Labor Inspectorate and INEFOP’s mobile professional training units.

MAPTSS Minister Launches New Project in Cuanza Norte Province


Last March MAPTSS Minister made a work visit to launch PAPE in Cuanza Norte province.

Among the activities, 72 Professional Kits were distributed in Ndalatando – province capital city – to entrepreneurs, expecting to create around 280 jobs.

Together with the professional Kits, most of them also received their professional certificates, allowing them to perform their activities in a legal basis.

Under PAPE, at Cuanza Norte, 478 young entrepreneurs received training in entrepreneurship and other related contents, together with 150 micro-credits and 80 professional on-the-job internships. Also under PAPE, Ndalatando CFP will be requalified in order to provide better conditions for students, especially in what concerns technical training such as carpentry, metalwork, electricity and kitchen production

Teacher Training Underway in Caala


Focus Education has proudly launched a teacher training program in Caala, located in the Huambo province.

The project is intended to train teachers, administrative staff and school directors so that they can fully and properly profit from all equipment and technologies Focus Education provides at these facilities

Last training session, held in Caala centrality – Huambo province – in the current month of May, had an overall audience of around 60 teachers, directors and administrative staff. Focus Education hired eight Angolan trainers, from several Universities in Angola, to perform training in eight different specialties on a total 200 hours training sessions.

These training sessions are always organized by Focus Education in partnership with local Provincial Governments as many of the teachers trained are seldom distributed across the province to train themselves other teachers thus providing the spreading of knowledge and best practices.

PAPE Professional Kits Project Underway


The Angolan National Institution of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP) has recently launched the PAPE project – an umbrella program created by the Angolan government to encourage employment with young adults.

Under this project, Focus Education provides professional Kits – sets of ready-to-go equipment for graduates of vocational studies. These kits supply graduates the equipment to begin working immediately after finishing their studies.

PAPE aims to deliver all over Angola around 37.000 professional kits, for 15 different specialties, in the next 2 years. The aim of this sub-program is to foster the creation of small businesses and inherent jobs, with a predicted objective of around 75.000 new employments to be created under this project.

INEFOP noticed that, in many reported cases, entrepreneurs don’t start their small businesses due to the lack of a, sometimes, small amount of initial capital that allows them to buy the basic tools to perform their activity. This flaw enables many skilled people to even start their businesses. Professional Kit’s delivery aims to fill this gap by providing basic tools for entrepreneurs to start their small businesses and thus allow them to scale and create additional jobs in the near future.

The kits, provided by Focus Education, include professional and protective gear for all specialties and will give young adults a springboard to begin their professional work. Kits are currently being assembled and shipped at Focus’s facilities in Angola.

Matala Youth Village receives first 200 students in 2020


Matala youth village, established in the municipality of Matala (Huíla), begins to receive, in January 2020, the first 200 students for technical and vocational training in the specialties of agriculture, locksmithing, carpentry, information technology and electricity.

The Matala project, started in 2018, is under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Administration, Labor and Social Security (Maptss). It aims to provide young people with technical and professional knowledge and qualifications and will accommodate students aged 13-17.

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Presentation of CJS Matala to local authorities


The Presentation of the new Cidadela Jovens de Sucesso of Matala to local authorities and institutions took place on the 28th of November.

Inauguration of centrality horizon (Quibaúla- Sumbe)


On the November 23th, His Excellency, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço inaugurated the centrality of Quibaúla and delivered the keys to the first residents thus opening the housing of the centrality.



Dear all,

A ceremony for the 2018 Outstanding Employee & Project Awards was held this week in Luanda, Angola, with the presence of employees and managers from virtually all of Mitrelli’s “universe”.

2018  Outstanding Project: Malanje Youth Village

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