PAPE Professional Kits Project Underway

The Angolan National Institution of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP) has recently launched the PAPE project – an umbrella program created by the Angolan government to encourage employment with young adults.

Under this project, Focus Education provides professional Kits – sets of ready-to-go equipment for graduates of vocational studies. These kits supply graduates the equipment to begin working immediately after finishing their studies.

PAPE aims to deliver all over Angola around 37.000 professional kits, for 15 different specialties, in the next 2 years. The aim of this sub-program is to foster the creation of small businesses and inherent jobs, with a predicted objective of around 75.000 new employments to be created under this project.

INEFOP noticed that, in many reported cases, entrepreneurs don’t start their small businesses due to the lack of a, sometimes, small amount of initial capital that allows them to buy the basic tools to perform their activity. This flaw enables many skilled people to even start their businesses. Professional Kit’s delivery aims to fill this gap by providing basic tools for entrepreneurs to start their small businesses and thus allow them to scale and create additional jobs in the near future.

The kits, provided by Focus Education, include professional and protective gear for all specialties and will give young adults a springboard to begin their professional work. Kits are currently being assembled and shipped at Focus’s facilities in Angola.