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FOCUS2050 – “ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA A EDUCAÇÃO ONLINE GRATUITA”, is a Non-Profit Private Association created for promoting free on-line training and education in Angola. All individuals or companies that identify themselves with the Association’s cause can be associated members of FOCUS2050.

FOCUS2050 is in the process of establishing a free-of-charge educational complex at “Magistério Mutu Ya Kevela” (former “Liceu Nacional Salvador Correia”), Luanda’s oldest and largest high school in Angola. This educational complex will enable its citizens to acquire education, skills, capabilities, and professional training, helping them improve their lives and find a paying job.

FOCUS2050 is a unique platform that aims to provide a win-win solution for all. For the Angolan government, free professional education means economic prosperity in the global marketplace. For its people, it means finding a higher paying profession.

This educational complex will offer upscale collaborative study-spaces with communal learning stations, including online access to platforms with hundreds of study topics such as:

  • Language studies.
  • IT & Computing studies: Microsoft Office, Programming & development, etc.
  • Skills development: Animation & design, Photography & video, Cooking & gastronomy, Music & instruments, etc..
  • Professional studies: Administration, Human resources, Accounting & finances, Education & pedagogy, Law, Marketing & sales, Business administration, Architecture & engineering, Tourism & hospitality, Nursing, Nutrition, Medicine, and many more.
  • Other areas of education and learning, all intentionally interactive and using state-of-the-art technology.

Once successful, FOCUS2050 aims to establish a network of centers, creating major impact on the lives of people by providing more than a million academic hours to tens of thousands of students per year.

Project illustrations at Magistério Mutu Ya Kevela

Location of Project

From Vision to Reality